Thursday, May 20, 2010

Curious George!

Wednesday was an awesome day! My publicist Jenn arranged a wonderful lunch with a bunch of great people, but I can't download the pictures from my camera, so I'm going to save that post for a later time.

I will talk about the very fun signing we did at Curious George Books in Cambridge, though. First of all, it was right across the street from Harvard, which felt very momentous.  It was a charming bookstore and I am only glad it isn't located anywhere near where I was raising my kids or I would have spent all of their college education funds in there.

It was a cold misty drizzly day and that did not do wonders for the turnout, but it was a cozy, intimate crowd and we had a great time. Plus, what we lacked in numbers we made up for in quality: mega rock star, Newberry Honor Winner Grace Lin popped by to say hi, which was awesome of her. She had to leave before we had a chance to chat, but it was SO wonderful to see her, however briefly. Also Super Agent Ammi Joan Paquette stopped by with her charming daughter. And of course, Illustrator Extrodinaire Kelly Murphy. (But I pretty much already gushed all about that, so I'll stop now before I become tiresome.) Much fun was had by all!