Thursday, April 12, 2007


It turns out that the launch party Houghton Mifflin and Storyopolis threw for Miss Theodosia and I was covered in the Publisher's Weekly online Newsletter, Children's Bookshelf! Too cool!

Of course, just to keep me humble, PW misspelled my name. Robin LaRevers--which sounds like something Scooby Doo would say, don't you think? But that's okay. I'm still wildly happy about the mention.

The only downside to all this? All this happy news is just a teensy bit distracting and making it hard to focus on finishing Theodosia Two, but I'm getting there! 40,000 words and counting. And whle that might sound like a lot, the first book clocked in at 70,000 words, so I have a ways to go. But I have all the hard parts figured out and now I'm working on the fun magic stuff.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Second Star to the Right...

Today is the official launch date of Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos, which makes it very fitting to be able to celebrate the publication with ::drum roll please::

…TWO starred reviews!! One from Booklist, and the other from Publisher’s Weekly.

Publisher’s Weekly called it “…a perfect blend of mystery and humor.” And then, my favorite line, “Loads of evocative Egyptian history and an oh-so-plucky, resourceful narrator make this the first volume in a series to watch.” You can see the entire review here.

Booklist says “It’s the delicious, precise, and atmospheric details (nicely extended in Tanaka’s few, stylized illustrations) that will capture and hold readers, from the contents of Theodosia’s curse-removing kit to descriptions of the museum after hours, when Theodosia sleeps in a sarcophagus to ward off the curses of “disgruntled dead things.” Kids who feel overlooked by their own distracted parents may feel a tug of recognition as Theodosia yearns for attention, and those interested in archeology will be drawn to the story’s questions about the ownership and responsible treatment of ancient artifacts. A sure bet for Harry Potter fans, as well as Joan Aiken’s and Eva Ibbotson’s readers. This imaginative, supernatural mystery will find word-of-mouth popularity.” —Gillian Engberg

Book reviews are a fact of the writerly life, and in my own case, they’ve never been a very pleasant fact of life, but rather one of those aspects that must be endured.

Until now…

Frankly, I’m still in shock. But Oh-so-happy!

Also, I’ll be in Bakersfield for a signing at Russo’s Bookstore on Saturday, April 21. If any of you live in the area, feel free to stop by!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Launch Party Recap!

Because I have the most wonderful publisher in the world, they threw a pre-publication launch party for my upcoming release, Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos. It was held at the amazing Storyopolis, which if you have never visited you must plan on doing so, soon. Fabulous book store.

I was very awed and humbled by the support of my amazing friends, family, and fellow authors. They even pretended I was articulate when my publicist made me speak! (Oh, the horror!)

I also got a chance to meet my darling publicist, Jenn, (whom I love in spite of making me talk in front of a crowd) and my agent (pictured), otherwise known as my creative anchor was there as well. (Just behind Erin's shoulder you can see me hugging my adorable nephew with my sister looking on.)

The incredible illustrator,Yoko Tanaka, who did all the spectacular artwork for the book was there. She was the most lovely woman! She did the coolest thing, too! She made a stamp of the cat from the book, out of a potato! And stamped everyone’s book with more of her original artwork along with her signature! It was a huge hit!

Signing my wonderful friends' (Kim and her adorable mother) books.

And then we had to futz around for one last group picture...(Oh, and that's Jenn, on the far left.)

Ta da! Although next time, we'll all practice looking at the same camera!