Thursday, May 20, 2010


When the kids were little (I mean really little)* whenever they liked something a huge heaping lot, they would say they liked it so much they wanted to marry it.

Well, I like the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston so much, I want to marry it. Seriously. L’Occitane toiletries? A nail kit AND a sewing kit? Padded hangers with little knobby things on the shoulders so spaghetti straps don’t slip off the hanger? And two minutes ago, as I sat here checking my email, the maid knocked and brought me bottled water and ice, just because. And the people are so genuinely friendly that it is easy to imagine that you are staying with your favorite aunt and cousins who haven’t seen you in years.

Yeah. Color me hooked.

Seriously, if one has to be away from home, this is the place to be.

And it is no accident. I was talking with the sommelier who wandered over to chat while I was having dinner and he told an interesting story. When he was interviewing for his current job, he’d had three interviews before the subject of wine even came up! They were looking for a very specific personality fit and genuine desire to be friendly with people. I thought that was awesome, not the least because it plays into my personal theory that we all have talents and gifts that will shine under certain circumstances. Nice to know that the hotel has that same philosophy.

Boston itself is a very cool city, LOTS of old buildings and about as much history as any place in the United States. It's almost as good as being in a museum--I can sense the oldness of some of these buildings around me and I love it.

I'm running a teensy bit behind on blogging about my trip, but the entries will be trickling in, probably a couple a day until I catch up.

*Okay, now I can't remember if it was MY kids or when my brothers and I were kids. But we're not going to call this a memory haze, rather a travel-induced memory haze. I've spent the last three days talking about my childhood in my presentation so it is much fresher in my mind than normal and I am absolutely sure that is what is creating this momentary futz.