Tuesday, August 23, 2016

At Long Last--An Update!


Dear Theodosia Readers and Future Beastologists (and parents, teachers, and educators.)

First of all, don’t faint! This is the looooong overdue update that should have been posted at least two years ago, if not three. For that, I profusely apologize. I will not lie—writing the His Fair Assassin YA trilogy consumed far more of my creative, intellectual, and physical energy than I had ever anticipated and I was not able to pull my head out of that world long enough to even think about mythical animals or Ancient Egypt.  That original delay was further compounded by me getting hit with a slew of ergonomic issues that essentially laid me flat for about eighteen months. (You can read a little more in detail about that here.) So once again, I am hugely sorry for this enormous time gap in getting an update to you. Please know that I have read and treasured each and every one of the letters and emails you have sent me. They brought me great joy as I struggled with my health issues the last several months, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

As for updates, I’m afraid I don’t have any good news on that front. While co many of you are passionate fans, as of right now, according to my publishers the sales numbers simply don’t warrant continuing with the books at this time. This breaks my heart, as I had always planned two more books in the Beastologist series and at least one more Theodosia book. However, I am also a great believer in never saying never. I do hope to get back to them at some point—but it will not be in the near future as I have contracted projects that commit my writing time through 2020.

Please know that I would never, ever have ended both series on such a cliffhanger if I’d had any idea that would be such a time gap before the next books.

Also please know that I am a huge believer in happy endings, so if any of you or your young readers are overly worried, please assure them that I had only good (if somewhat exciting) things planned for both Nate and Theo.

Once again, I am hugely sorry to have left you with no updates for so long, and perhaps more importantly, want you to know how very much I have treasured you as readers. Both Nate and Theo are very, very close to my heart and I am thrilled that so many of you enjoyed going on their adventures with me. Here’s hoping that some day, I can return to those adventures.

With deep affection,
R. L. LaFevers