Friday, October 28, 2011


Hello! You’ve probably noticed all the remodeling going on here. That’s because my poor author website was so old and outdated that it was WAY past time to update it. Thus all the updating and remodeling. I actually love this new look quite a lot, with all the little literary sidekicks smiling at me from the fringes.

In related news, as it stands now, I will be publishing my YA, GRAVE MERCY, under Robin LaFevers rather than R. L. LaFevers, so I am building a second website and will post that link here when it is done. Because the YA is so much older and darker than my middle grade, it seemed easier to have two separate websites. This blog will now become attached to my R.L. LaFevers website and be a place mostly for updates, news, and appearances.

So that’s the plan! Until then I will be posting any non-middle grade book related stuff (like thoughts on writing, marketing, or human nature studies) over at Shrinking Violets, and I will be sure to post a link to the YA site when it is ready.