Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Updates!

I know, I know, this is LONG overdue! But I have been buried in deadlines and a traveling fool besides.

Speaking of travel, I will be in Pueblo, Colorado February 21 and 22 for their Read OUT LOUD program. One of the sessions is open to the public so if you feel like hearing about the Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist books, stop on by! That's Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 6 PM at the Rawlings Library, Ryals Room.

And for those of you who are interested, I finally have my YA website LIVE! Feel free to stop on by and say hi and check out my upcoming YA book. (There is also a very cool book trailer!) You can also read the first chapter HERE.

That's about it for now!


Shannon Spurlock said...

Hello! My daughter loves the Theodosia series and we read them aloud as a family. Do you think you will continue the series? It is so clever and smart.

Unknown said...

I adore Theodosia so much. I have the books on Audiobook and I love to put them on while I go to sleep or while I'm cleaning or finishing up an art project. They are absolutely brilliant and so witty. I can't get enough.. And I'm Are there plans to continue the series? I'm definitely wondering what the conversation with her parents turned up and what amazing things she gets into as she grows up. I really would love to see the series continue for a good long while. I love the Egyptian history and culture in the books, and love her strong character. I am giving these books to my Goddaughter for her birthday this year and I just know she will devour them as I did. Well done! (also completely in love with the beastologist too 😉)

Unknown said...

This update is so wonderful to read. For years, I had been wondering--"Were we forgotten?"

While your YA series is captivating and wonderful--I found myself awaiting each book as I had hoped it would bring your attention back to Theodosia.

With this being said, I've waited 4 years for a new Theodosia book--waiting 4 more years will not change anything. If anything, it will bring the excitement and suspense of a new book release back to the forefront of my imagination.

I can assure you: you have many loyal fans scattered fans around America. (I know, because I personally bought them the series and 'forced' them to fall in love with your captivating world.) We'll be here waiting. Much like us Harry Potter fans awaited each installment of Harry Potter--we will await the next installment of Theodosia.

Until 2020--or beyond!

Faithful yours,
Age 25, Teacher, Theatre Professional, YA Book Connoisseur