Saturday, November 12, 2011

For Budding Cartographers!

One the things I thought would be fun here is to occasionally post pictures of the various elements that inspired me in the writing of my books. As I researched the Nathaniel Fludd books, I became fascinated with all the different maps that man has made over the years. Here is a picture of the world's oldest map:

It is Babylonian, and you can read more about it HERE on Wikipedia.


Jess said...

Just got back from your link to Wikipedia~ what a cool map! Thanks :)

Margo Berendsen said...

Ah, Jess knows that I am a map geek and gave me the link here. Love to find other writers who appreciate maps too. Love your Shrinking Violets blog, first time visiting here

R.L. LaFevers said...

So glad to 'meet' you, Margo! And I'm laughing because I was worried that nobody else would be interested in maps and all the stuff behind the books. So glad to learn I was wrong!

And thanks, Jess, for sending Margo this way!

SGeorge said...

I fell in love with maps after poring over Tolkien's handmade ones for 'The Hobbit'. I own a few books of them and love how old ones can fire the imagination (Piri Reis map, anyone?) I saw this Babylonian one linked elsewhere and just stumbled across the same thing here- which made me feel very at home!
I still come across ones I've made for my own imaginary realms over the years, and books set in elseworlds are always a little extra special when a map is included. Ta!

Robin L said...

Yes, SGeorge! I'm with you. If a book includes a map, it suddenly becomes even MORE interesting.

And thanks for the Piri Reis mention! I had not seen that one before. It's stunning!