Monday, August 23, 2010

Checking In Again

Aaaaand yes! My copy edits for Theo Four arrive just as I'm nearing the finish line of the current manuscript. Ergh. It should be an entertaining week as I split my brain in half and try to accomplish two very separate tasks (writing and copy editing) in two even more different worlds (1900 Egypt and 15th century France).

Which is probably as good a segue as any into this article I found online. I had read something similar about fifteen years ago and have not been able to find the reference again. Then somebody tweeted a link and there it was: Creative Minds Mimic Schizophrenia. The article talks about how creative minds are only a few genetic markers off from schizophrenics. 

And I think I'm guest blogging over at the Moody Muses today. I'll post a link as soon as I confirm that!


Mae said...

Actually, I think good character development comes from multiple personalities. I mean, I am a shy, quiet girl alone, and an attention-lover with friends! I am NOT a ditzy singer, or a crazy Spaniard, but I can write as one. I can write as anything I have the SEEDS of inside myself. Hmm, maybe authors are just people who understand people better.

Anonymous said...

My husband says that I'm bipolar, my creative and overly analytical parts. I must tell you that your book's first line inspired me to write a much snappier one for my middle grade book. Such a great hook : )

mel said...

Holy Cow! Oh Robin, you are a warrior in spirit. It's funny how our tough side really gets going when it's under pressure like that. Well, somehow I know you can do it all and come out the other end with sparkling results. Bon chance!
After you are past this lovely phase, please be sure to tell us how you managed to juggle it all, in detail. I just love the details.

Robin L said...

First of all, sorry for not responding to these comments, sooner! When deadlines strike, the rest of the world takes a backseat. Sorry!

Mae, I love the idea that we all have seeds inside ourselves. Great way to describe that! And I have always thought that was a key to good authors--being good at understanding people and human nature.

Bekah, if you have both a creative part AND an analytical part, you're ahead of the game! Most of us have to just limp along with only one of those. :-) So glad to hear my book's first line inspired you so! May I ask which book?

Mel, I'm kind of chuckling at the warrior spirit thing right now since what I mostly feel like is a wet, limp noodle. :-) And if you'd like details, details you should have. Just as soon as I get my feet back under me. I might even try to get a picture...