Monday, March 02, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Monday Morning

For the last week I have been pulled in about eight different directions, but with two revisions due soon, and presentations to plan for, I really need to get focused. This weekend I finished up the wretched FAFSA forms. Any parent with college age offspring will recognize that dreaded name. For the uninitiated, they are basically the financial equivalent of a proctology exam.

Now that I’ve got all that done, I plan to crawl into my writerly hidey hole for the net two weeks and really roll up my sleeves. That means minimal cooking, stop reading so much dang news, which is very distracting right now with all the forecasts of doom and gloom, cut back on blog reading, the works. I do still plan to come back here though, and talk about setting, so stay tuned for that.

And here’s something I’ve been pondering today. Why is it that even when you have a song on your iPod and can listen to it any time you want, it is such a cheerful little boost to hear it on the radio?


Angela Russell said...

I'm the same way with movies - I can have them right there at home, but when they come on the TV, I end up watching! PS I love the new book covers AND congrats on the contract(s). I hope to grow up to be you someday!!! XO

Robin L said...

I do that, too, Angela. Or at least until the commercials get to me. Then I give up and order it from Netflix.

So glad you like the covers! And don't be silly--you'll grow up to be the very best version of you! :-)