Saturday, November 15, 2008


Someone nearby has gone and fertilized their field, and not with any, run-of-the-mill fertilizer. Oh no. This stuff reeks beyond the reekiest thing in your imagination (even my current writing!) It’s not a simple horse manure type stuff, but some ghastly, vile, fish guts and horrid chemical smell that burns the inside of one’s nostrils. Ugh.

Makes it very hard to concentrate on today’s pages.

Hmm...maybe I can pretend it’s the stench of the Thames and incorporate into today’s writing.


Anonymous said...

Hi my sweet smelling buddy. I've started (ta duh!) a blog. See valeriehobbswritesfor Next I need to make a list of blogs I follow, like yours and Mary's and of course Shrinking Violets. Wish me luck!