Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Back to School Giveaway--Because I HEART School Librarians!

I know librarians figure prominently in many writers' lives, but when I was a child it was the school librarians who influenced me the most. In fact, I don't have any memories of going to the public library, but I have many fond memories of school librarians and teachers who placed the perfect book in my hands, planting me firmly on my path to becoming an avid reader and, later, a writer.

So, in honor of schools across the country starting back up, I'd like to do another book giveaway, this time for school librarians, many of whom are operating on severely reduced budgets.

Now, I realize this blog is not exactly School Librarian Central, nor even a well-known hangout of said school librarians. However, I am betting that some of the readers of this blog have school librarians in their lives, either through their own kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or other close family or friends, so here's the giveaway.

I am giving away FIVE paperback sets of my Lowthar’s Blade Trilogy (The Forging of the Blade, The Secrets of Grim Wood, and The True Blade of Power). However, this giveaway is for your school library, meaning if you win, you agree to take the books to your local elementary school library and donate them to their collection (although you or your kids can read them first, of course!)

Also, I will be giving away TWO hardcover copies of Werewolf Rising to be given to a middle school or junior high library, so if you have a kid in your life that attends a middle school or junior high school, that might be a more attractive option.

That's SEVEN chances to win!

(And yeah, you could lie, but I trust the people reading this blog--and if by chance someone does lie? Well, if it's important enough for them to lie about, so be it. There's not a verification process involved.)

I did something like this a couple of years ago with my first book and it was a really fun way to get my books into the hands of readers I would never have come into contact with otherwise.

So if you’re game, post in the comments and let me know the name of the school, whether it's an elementary, middle, or junior high school, and the state where the school library/librarian resides. Again, there is no verification process, it's just fun to see the geographical spread. At the end of next week (Saturday morning, September 2nd) I'll do a random drawing and notify the winners on the blog.

If you have any questions, post those, too!


Sheri said...

Well, I am not a librarian, school or otherwise, but my niece teaches third grade at Ripon Christian School in Ripon, California. Each classroom has it's own small library that is mostly stocked with books that the teachers themselves either purchase or earn through book orders. (Some of the books are so old that *I* read them when I was in school there!!) I have donated several books (BoxCar Children series for one) to her for her kids and I would LOVE to put your books in their hands also!

My youngest daughter is an 8th grader at the same school, and I think the boys there would like WereWolf Rising. The English/Lit teachers have a very small library in the one classroom that all of the kids share, and they can go to the high school once a week and check out a book there, but I don't remember there being a great reading selection there for kids 6th thru 8th grade from MY years at RC!! We are a private school, privately funded, so every little bit helps.

Thanks for the opportunity to "compete"!

Anonymous said...

Oo! I'll play.

My daughter goes to an elementary school in the Bakersfield area!


Anonymous said...

I'm a librarian Henderson, NV. Can I enter directly?


Cherry Red said...

My sister-in-law teaches second grade at an elementary school in Buena Park, CA. I believe it's called Whittaker School. I can check if you like.

Chari-Dee said...

I gave the site addy to our school librarian since we are in desperate need of new books, we have a community school with over 1000 kids grades PK-6 and most of our books are falling apart. I don't see where they have posted yet, so I'll watch until the end and then enter just in case they lost the address.

I think this is so completely awesome of you to do!!!!

Chari-Dee said...

Was scared I missed my chance to enter. Our schools name is Community Elementary and I know they would LOVE to get some books!!!

Anonymous said...

Robin, thanks for sending me here from JCF.

Our middle school library is in Lamar, MO (pop 4,000). Julie Yockey is the librarian. She told me last night on our Harley dinner ride that her kids love para.

Anonymous said...

My older daughter will be attending Eckstein Middle School in Seattle this year. (I already bought a set of the Lowthar books for my younger daughter's school library.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this. My son is a seventh grader at Briggs Middle School in Springfield, Oregon.