Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay, I give up. This has been the least productive morning I've had in recent memory. I think I'll quit pretending I'm going to get anything done and go take a hot bath, then paint my toenails.

Okay, not so much with the toenails. It's cold today, and I don't think I can go barefoot until they dry. But definitely a hot bath. And reading. In fact, I think I shall declare a reading vacation until my revision letter for Theo IV arrives. I have SO many terrific books in my pile, calling to me.

I'm currently reading:

Lips Touch by Laini Taylor
Faery Rebels by R. J. Anderson
In The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Fortune's Folly by Deva Fagen

Sitting in my pile, beckoning seductively at me are:

The Maze Runner
Leaving the Bellweathers
Beautiful Creatures
Jellicoe Road
The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place by Maryrose Wood

What about you? What books are calling to you right now?


Story Weaver said...

My book pile it getting alarmingly tall and blocking my view of my alarm clock. A couple are THE ROAR by Emily Clayton and THEODOSIA AND THE EYES OF HORUS by...well,you know. :)

Deva Fagan said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who reads multiple books at once!

My current reads are:
SISTERS RED by Jackson Pearce (bedside/bath book)
ZOE'S TALE by John Scalzi (carry-around-in-purse book)
CITY OF ASHES by Cassandra Clare (on the iPod for gardening/dogwalking)
And when it comes in at the library I'll have HOUSE OF MANY WAYS by DWJ to listen to in the car.

I really enjoyed Spell Hunter, Lips Touch and Incarceron! Hope you have fun with your reading slugfest!

Robin L said...

Honored to be in your TBR pile, Story Weaver!

Yes, I am always glad to learn of fellow Multiple Book Readers! And I am embarrassed to confess I have never read a DWJ book. Any recommendation of where to start?

Deva Fagan said...

Robin - My favorite Diana Wynne Jones books (that I've read -- there are a fair number I have not read) are DOGSBODY (if you are a dog person this is especially appealing I think), WITCH WEEK (part of the Chrestomanci series, but you don't have to read them strictly in order), and HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. The Dalemark Quartet is also good but feels more historical/epic and less light/humorous/quirky. If you give any of them a try let me know what you think!

Robin L said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Deva! I'll let you know once I've read them. (Which may be a while, given the state of my TBR pile.)

Anonymous said...

I think Faerie Rebels ended wrong. The Incorrigibles were great! I love children raised by wolves....