Thursday, April 01, 2010

Out of Words

I had intended to blog more than once this week, but the last three mornings as I sat sipping my first cup of coffee and staring out the window, waiting for words to begin nudging their way into my brain, there was not a scintilla of nudging going on. My brain was surprisingly empty of words.

Or perhaps not so very surprising. In addition to writing like a fiend for the last four months straight, my Eldest Son came home for a ten day visit--celebrating his GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE! Oops. Did I shout that? Sorry. It's just a very big deal and I'm very excited. This was my dyslexic son, who majored in history and read about five hundred pages a week for the last two years. Have I mentioned how proud I am of him??

Anywho, while he was home, we talked about sixteen hours a day, catching up, but also doing a lot of looking forward. It's a scary time to be entering the job market, but I'm confident he will find something. He started working through WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE, a tremendous resource for anyone exploring career options. (However, if anyone has any leads on cool jobs for a history major, do feel free to pass them along! Specific areas of interest include helping people, ancient Japan and the Crusades--an eclectic mix, to be sure.)

So between all that talking and all that writing, I'm thinking my brain needs to go on a word hunt. Or a vacation. Luckily, both of those activities (or would they be non-activities?) require a lot of doing nothing. Which is precisely what I plan to do for the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

I have this theory that there are output days and input days & an overload on either causes a restoration need in the other. I'm not surprised you're in input mode, after the last months!

Boy, I do love hearing about kids who pursue their dreams--I hope he finds the perfect job/path waiting for him soon.