Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Honor of Poetry Month

I was digging around on my computer files, looking for an old document and stumbled across an entire folder full of poetry.

Truthfully? I had kind of forgotten I ever wrote poetry. However, in reading through them, I am reminded of why it is so important to do, even if you are the only one to ever see it: It forces us to see the world in news ways and distill things down to a sharp, visceral image.

Since I'm feeling kind of devoid of words right now, I'm thinking it might be a good exercise to play with some poetry. This is one I wrote about ten years ago, I think. (I've upgraded computers so many times since then, none of the dates on the documents correspond with when they were actually written.)

Thunder booms,
a great big belly laugh from the heavens,
guffawing with joy,
at the sheer power of its magnificence.

The heavens,
no longer able to restrain themselves,
release their torrents,
a little flex of celestial muscle.

Which is pretty much what happened to me on my walk yesterday, sans the thunder. :-)


Tricia said...

robin, so funny that as i was reading your lovely poem thunder was booming in the sky. :) my daughter is afraid of thunder. i will tell her to think of it as a big belly laugh and maybe this will help.
i don't always leave a comment but want you to know how much i enjoy my visits to your blog.

Lucy said...

I love thunderstorms!

Have a happy World Book and Copyright Day tomorrow.

Robin L said...

Oh, hear's hoping that idea of a belly laugh will help your daughter, Tricia. And so nice to hear that you enjoy the blog.

Lucy, I adore thunderstorms, too. Always have. And thanks for the head's up on World Book and Copyright Day! :-)