Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Obsessed Now

I'm sorry I've been so quiet the last two days. Did I mention that I am consumed with this new Present Tense Situation?:-)

In other compulsive/obsessive news, I have found the perfect music for this manuscript! I recently discovered DEAD CAN DANCE, and some of their music feels like it was written just for this mss. (The parts where Lisa Gardner sings--the other guy singer not so much.)

Here is the song I've been listening to all morning, fingers flying.


Icarus said...

I love DCD. So much of their music sounds like what I would imagine medieval 'pop' would sound like if they had radios back then. I always think of the art of Remedios Varo when I listen to them.

dixie said...

Oh my goodness!A perfect sound (especially for a Enneagram 4) It sounds like VERY intense drama - can hardly wait to read it. How long to I have to wait?

Story Weaver said...

Obsessed...oh I understand that (all too well).
Love the song by the way!

Robin L said...

Icarus, I totally agree with you about the medieval pop thing. And OMG. I have just spent FAR too much time drooling over Remedios Varo's images on google. And I've had to severely restrain myself from buying the $120 book of her art. VERY cool stuff!

It IS intense stuff, Dixie. And you can see it before everyone else. Being my mom should have SOME perks, after all. :-)

Story Weaver, obsessed is kind of an occupational hazard I guess. Glad you liked the song!

Deva Fagan said...

I am even more excited to one day read this book knowing you are listening to DCD for it. Several of my own novel-writing soundtracks make heavy use of DCD, and also stuff like the Gladiator Soundtrack that feature Lisa G solo.

Hope the good writing energy continues!

Deva Fagan said...

Hi Robin! Coming back here to mention that I was recently listening to lastfm (http://www.last.fm/) internet radio which lets you plug in different artists and hear other artists that are similar. I plugged in Dead Can Dance and found a ton of other similarly ethereal and evocative medieval-exotic stuff that was very inspiring. I thought I'd mention it in case it was of interest when you return to work on the dark YA.

The artists I liked enough to write down were Irfan, Vas, Azam Ali, L'Ham de Foc, and Stellamara but there were a ton of others.