Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Notes From the Conference-Karen Cushman

Karen Cushman was another speaker who really blew my socks off. She was so generous and wise, so truthful about her own process and self doubts. From her keynote address:

By sharing our convictions, it is like offering a piece of ourselves to our readers

Part of the joy of reaching our dreams is helping others reach theirs.

She writes because she cannot dance.

The difference between an editor and a critic:
An editor is not judgmental,
Critic probably is.
Separate the writer from the editor, and the editor from the critic. Then dump the critic.

A lion is made of the lambs he has digested.

When you learn to trust yourself, you'll know how to write.

Her first drafts are a "bullion cube of a book", then she stretches it into a full length book.

Like adding layers of clay to a wire foundation.

She gave us permission, permission to write, to make our own rules.
Writing=giving power to thoughts.

Show up, slow down, let ideas percolate.
Pay attention to what you love, hate. Be ready for serendipity.
Tell the truth.
Let go of the results.

That final one has been a biggy for me in the last couple of years, so I really enjoyed having her reinforce that.

Tunnel below the obvious and come back with what we know to be true.
Write about the things we are morally certain about.


Story Weaver said...

"Bullion cube"
Perfectly true.