Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book III: Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus

So clearly, judging from the comments in Friday's post I have been remiss about keeping you in the loop about upcoming Theodosia books. (Note to self: must stop talking about writing so much!)

Yes, there IS a third Theodosia book, and it's called THEODOSIA AND THE EYES OF HORUS. It will be out in April of 2010. That's only seven short months away! ::ahem::

Here's the cover copy, for those of you dying to know what happens next.

Being able to detect black magic isn’t all tea and crumpets—and when you’re Theodosia Throckmorton, it can be a decidedly tricky business! When Sticky Will drags Theo to a magic show featuring the Great Awi Bubu, she quickly senses there is more to the magician than he lets on, setting in motion a chain of events she never bargained for.

Meanwhile, back at the Museum of Legends and Antiquities, Henry is home for the spring holidays and makes an accidental discovery of an artifact alchemists have been hunting for centuries. Soon, every black-cloaked occultist in London is trying to get their hands on it.

Further complicating Theo’s life is her grandmother, who is determined to give her ex-beau a proper funeral, and the head of the Chosen Keepers’ insistence that Theo work with her nemesis, Clive Fagenbush (who still smells of boiled cabbage and pickled onions). Toss in a disgruntled mut, Sticky Will’s newfound career goals, as well as further meddling by the Arcane Order of the Black Sun, and you have another rollicking adventure as Theodosia and her friends are pursued in a race for one of the most guarded ancient secrets of all time.

And in other news, THEODOSIA AND THE STAFF OF OSIRIS is now available in paperback!

So there you go. You now know everything I do!


Sherrie Petersen said...

Sounds great! You have a LOT of books coming out -- when do you sleep?

Robin L said...

Sleep? Sleep! That's what I've been forgetting!

Ariadne said...

Thanks for the update! I cannot wait for book 3 and 4. Great news! And I am glad that I had not simply somehow not found book three:)

Miss Eliza said...

Yeah for more Theodosia, I just can't get enough!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Theodosia and am happy I will have some new books to read and review. I have convinced a few of our young readers to give her a try. Our head librarian said she loved my description of Theodosia in my review of the first book.