Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And The Winner Is...


Because really, in a contest with seven prizes and eight entries, I CAN'T leave one entrant out. Just can't.

So, Jill, Karen, and Val win a copy of Werewolf Rising for their schools, and Kim, Sheri, Charity, Becky, and Louise win a set of the trilogy.

When you get a chance, email me your snail mail addresses along with a reminder of the school name so I can sign the books "To the students of X school," at rllafevers@cox.net.

Thanks so much for participating and helping me to get my books in the hands of readers who might enjoy them!


dee said...

Man, I miss all the good giveaways. But that's ok, since I have no kids in school and we already have all of your books.
BUT, I am donating a copy of Werewolf Rising to one of the techers at the school my kids attended. Mr. Furney is a teacher there, and he has his own little library in his classroom. I think his boys would LOVE the book.
Plus, I'm getting my oldest son (almost 12) to do a review of the book. He's working on it now. When he's done, I'll post it over on the book review site.

Sheri said...

Oh yay!! My niece will be so excited to get these books--thank you Robin!!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!

Cherry Red said...

Oh! Cool! I just saw this. I'll get the full name of my SIL's school so you can autograph them. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks , Robin. I should have checked the blog earlier . I will get Julie's school address to you--now. :)