Monday, September 11, 2006

Reader Mail

One of my very favorite things ever is hearing from my readers. I've already gotten a couple of requests from readers for a sequel to WEREWOLF RISING, which is very gratifying. I keep forwarding them to the publisher, and if they get enough of them, who knows?

I also received a wonderful email from one of my readers who loved WEREWOLF RISING but said it was frustrating when the only other person who knew about me was his librarian.

I told him that I share his frustration.


dee said...

If you send me an address, I will be happy to write a letter to your publisher begging for a sequel to Werewolf Rising!!

More people than just librarians will know your name, I'm sure of it!

dee said...

OK, Michael finally finished the review for WR. It's now up over on D&D... You can check it out here...

Robin L said...

First of all, you can just send an email regarding a sequel through the contact page at my website:

That way I can just forward it to them.

And how fun that Michael did a review! I'll run over and check it out right now.

Cherry Tea said...


The books you sent for our school got here this afternoon! Thank You SO MUCH!! I love how you signed them, I think the kids will et such a HUGE kick out of it.

We are going to keep a set here at home until we have read them all. Shouldn't take too long. We started tonight and are half-way through Book 1. Had to stop because it was Asa's bed time. He begged me to read just one more page. He is loving these books. My husband was listening in too, and when I said, "Bedtime," there was a collective "AHHHHHHHHH" No one wanted to quit reading, but bed time is bed time. (Don't tell them but I think I'll finish it up when I'm sure that Asa is asleep.)

Asa also wanted me to tell you "Thanks for writing such a good story. When will there be a movie? Do you think you can hurry up and write some more?" You have a HUGE fan in KS.

Thank You Again, The school will really love these!

Robin L said...

Charity, I am so thrilled your son is enjoying the books! And thanks for passing along his message. Alas, there is no movie in the works, nor do I expect their to be, and the trilogy is complete at three books. When he's a little older, he might enjoy Werewolf Rising, but it might be a little dark for a seven year old.

Cherry Tea said...

I've already told him you have a new book out and he wants me to get it for him. I think I will and read it first to make sure he can handle it.

This morning before school he wanted to read, but there wasn't enough time. He instead went outside for a few minutes and started making his own Kenric movie.

Thank you, he really is very interested in chapter books without pictures now because of these books!

The librarians also love the books! They were so excited to see you had signed them all. They can't wait to show all the kids now!