Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wolf Collage

This is the collage I made when I was working on WEREWOLF RISING. When the characters were in wolf shape, I was having a really hard time keeping them straight in my head. Which wolf looked like what? So I bought a big, coffee table book on wolves from the remaindered section of the book store and tore out the pages and found the wolves that looked like my characters.

I was stunned to realize just how much variety there was in wolf's faces, once you started looking. Also how some seemed so distinctly feminine and others were obviously guy wolves.

The big picture in the center of the top row with the wolf standing in front of the tree in the snow is Luc. Suki is next to him on the right.

Ranger is the black wolf in the top left corner, and Luna is the white wolf just below him. Just below Luna, the third picture down on the left, is Nuri. Doesn't he just look like the class clown of wolves?


Sheri said...

Awesome! What a great idea, and it's artistic too! You could hang that up somewhere in the house! I think wolves are gorgeous animals anyway, and these pictures prove it! I love this collage idea--I am wondering if it will help me? I also want a whiteboard to do story lines and character arcs on. Now that I know what a character arc IS, that is! *grin* Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

Which one is Ulric ? I thought he might be the big one running through the trees on patrol .
It was amazing that after you identified which wolves you used for which character I could see it, especially with Luc.