Monday, January 10, 2011

It is quiet here today because I am posting elsewhere this morning. Over at GeekMoms, I'm talking about Disney's decision to stop producing princess movies and the implications of that decision, and over on Shrinking Violets we're talking about picking a guiding word for 2011. Hope to see some of you at one of those places or another!


Mae said...

Just as an eleven year old girl's POV on the loss of Disney Princesses- good riddance! Disney Princesses are, quite frankly, damsels in distress. OK, I'm not sure on Tiana, but Ariel's about as defiant as it gets.

Personally, I say that movies with real strong heroines should move in. Theodosia, for example.

Tough girls have moved into literature, TV, movies are just a step behind, I betcha.

Once I've published my book and have an author blog, I'm blogging on that subject- Tough Girls In Movies.

Julie said...

Going to check out both sites!

Lori W. said...

I loved the latest Disney princess movie, Tangled, but I swear to you, I sat there analyzing it, thinking "O.K. here we see her greatest need," "Oh, there's the conflict," "Yes, the motivation is clear; she must act now!" Disney has plot down. :)

BTW, The prince in that movie needed some saving by the princess! She was way more kick-butt than previous heroines.

Today, I'm combing your blog for character and plot worksheets and tips since I have to remind myself of the basics every time! Thanks for making these so easy to find and for providing such great advice.

My goal every year is to read more, write more and work harder than the year before, and I love this children's writing world! What a fun journey your class started for me! Happy New Year!