Thursday, November 05, 2009

Recent Reads

I read a couple of awesome books while I was away. The first was SOULLESS by Gail Carriger. I had seen the cover a few months ago while stumbling through the cyber-maze that is Amazon, and fell head over heels in love with its cover. The book itself did not disappoint; very arch and amusing. I loved the voice. The author took a lot of chances and they all worked for me, so I applaud her willingness to take risks.

I also read STONE HEART by Charlie Fletcher. AMAZING book. Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa B! Loved it a lot. A great middle grade fantasy that would also appeal to slightly older readers. (Becky, I’m thinking of your son—has he read this yet?) Talk about turning setting into a character—quite literally. And as if having a brilliant fantasy going wasn’t enough, he totally nailed his character, I thought. The opening sequence of the book was such a dead on capturing of a 12 yo boy’s social hell. Brilliant. I bought book two, IRON HAND, at Chaucer’s yesterday.

On a side note, if you ever want to REALLY explore a book store, go to a well stocked independent with a brilliant school librarian (Yes Lisa, I’m talking about you.)

I also finally got around to reading the second Percy Jackson book, THE SEA MONSTERS. Another rousing good read.

I also started a history, THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR, which I am enjoying quite a lot. Some day I will get around to updating my reading list over in the sidebar.

Next up, LEVIATHAN by Scott Westerfeld.

What about you guys--do you have any must reads to share?


Miss Eliza said...

I also loved Soulless, it was so fun! Personally I just adore Lisa Lutz's Spellman series, I'm re-reading the 1st three in anticipation of the 4th this Spring.

Anonymous said...

Robin, I'm laughing--oh, yes, we know Fletcher's books. I was lucky enough to get the first two to review, when I was doing that for The Horn Book Guide. :) I actually think Iron Hand is even better, building on the already established world & characters. I think the third may be out, and we need to get hold of it.

I'm sure you don't need more books to read, but if you like Fletcher's, you might check out Cinda Williams Chima's Wizard Heir (Not sure that's the fist one!) series.

Thanks for thinking of us!

Anonymous said...

FIRST one. Not fist one! :)

Vonna said...

I'm glad to hear good things about Stone Heart. I think it might appeal to my son, who has just started the Pendragon series. At the rate he reads, though, he will be though all nine books by Christmas. Thank heavens for series!

There have been some terrific fantasies out this year. I'm a few pages away from finishing The Farwalker's Quest, and am sorry to leave Ariel's world.

Robin L said...

::scribbling down titles:: Thanks Eliza!

Too funny, Becky! At least I wasn't imagining that your son would like the books. :-) Will check out Chima's books. I think they were talking about them at National this summer, as well.

Vonna, Farwalker's Quest is on my TBR list, so nice to know you liked it so much!