Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Randomness

I so appreciated Dave's reminder in the comments that I really don't have to blog every day. The thing is, I really enjoy blogging and miss it when I can't fit it in. Plus, I have an over-developed sense of guilt and responsibility which kicks in when I miss a day.

However, in the interest of maintaining some semblance of sanity, I am going to cut back on blogging for the rest of the month. I leave Saturday for my big Texas school visit, and between getting ready for that, then of course actually doing the visits, my time (and energy!) will be greatly reduced. So yeah, you'll probably be hearing a little less from me in October. :-)

~In the interest of saving my right shoulder, I am trying to acquire mousing skills with my left hand. Interesting, to say the least. Lots of fits and starts. Practice, grasshopper.

~In other exciting news, I got a netbook!! I'm so excited! I dragged my feet on this for the longest time, trying to convince myself to lug my husbands 15 lb laptop to Texas with me, then just gave up. It is so cute and efficient! I spent all of yesterday playing with it (it's a Samsung) and loading it up with software. I envision and long and happy life together. (Thanks, Katy for answering all my questions, and thanks Dave, for all the technnical information you shared a couple of months back.)

~And lastly, but most defnitely not least, let's all take a moment and wish Miss P.J. Hoover a happy launch day as she releases The Navel Of The World (Book Two of the Forgotten World series) into the, er, world! (There's even a contest to win a copy!)

Congratulations, PJ!


PJ Hoover said...

Thank you, Robin!!!!!

I'll miss your posts while you're gone. Oh, and if you are bored this weekend in Texas, think about driving over for the book release party. You'd totally have somewhere to stay :) My son thinks you're a rock star (which, you know, you kind of are).

Katy Cooper said...

"My son thinks you're a rock star (which, you know, you kind of are)."

What PJ said! I hope you have a completely fabuloso time, deep in the heart of Texas!

Mary Hershey said...

We will miss your blogging brilliance, R.L.
I totally think you are a rock star!

Hey, you could totally hop over to BookPeople. Only a couple of hours. They're having snacks at PJ's Launch, I read!

:-) Pax,

PJ Hoover said...

Yes! Snacks! And punch. How can you turn down punch?

Robin L said...

Ha! I am SO not a rock star! But, if four of you out there think I am? I am more than happy!

And PJ, I would LOVE to hop a bus and make your launch party, but I am doing a signing at B&N in the Woodlands at that EXACT time. Boo hoo! So no snacks or PJ for me. Or punch. And I LOVE punch! :-(
I'll have to find some other way to console myself...

PJ Hoover said...

Excuses, excuses! Okay, next time.
and have a great trip!