Sunday, November 05, 2006

Feeling a Little Lonely?

Geez. Who knew it was going to take me an entire month to write and give a three minute presentation!

J-u-s-t kidding!! I've actually been very busy working on my next book, THEODOSIA THROCKMORTON AND THE SERPENTS OF CHAOS. It comes out in May of 2007, which means I've been up to my ears in galley proofing and second pass pages and designing a new website for the book; all sorts of good stuff.

Even so, I shouldn't have abandoned you all for an entire month. Bad me.

However, as compensation for this neglectful act, I'm going to share with you an amazing new blog by an amazing writer so that the next time I don't get a blog entry up soon enough, you'll have someplace else entertaining to go. (And the truth is, she is much more entertaining than I am. She is F-U-N-N-Y!!)

Mary is my writing buddy. We started out together lo those many (and no, I'm not tellin' exactly how many) years ago. We met in a writing class and hooked up as critique partners, and have been riding out the ups and downs of the writing life together ever since. She writes hilarious middle grade fiction, and she is a personal coach who specializes in coaching writers. She only posts once or twice a week, but her entries are Pure Gold. Funny and oh-so-wise. Go check her out. You'll be glad you did, I promise!

Coming soon! A sneak peek at my upcoming book cover!


Sheri said...

OK--have added Mary to my web page. I love the sound of this new story you are writing--will we get a sneak peek at the first chapter at some point also?! (Hint, hint).

How's "Werewolf" doing? I hope your publisher is doing a lot to promote it--it is SUCH a good book!! I'm going to get a copy for my little reader friend--I think she will really like it and she is in that age-range that you are aiming for. OK--enough stalling--gotta go write...