Monday, November 06, 2006

Anansi Pays Me a Visit

We didn’t have to decorate our house for Halloween. Since the lost tribe of Anansi seems to have settled their little arachnid selves on our front porch, there simply wasn’t any need.

I ignored it when my 6’5” son kept coming inside with cobwebs in his hair. After all, he’s so tall, it’s to be expected. I also ignored it when my 6’2” son began shuddering and ducking whenever he came into the house. After all, he’s almost an adult. Surely it’s time for him to get used to spiders.

But when the UPS girl began looking nervously at the ceiling of our front porch, I knew it was time to take action.

Thank goodness for shop vacs, that’s all I can say. Our front porch is now free of all fly and moth carcasses and tangled spider webs. There are five giant Anansis running free, however. I would like to pretend it’s because I’m altruistic that way, but the truth is, they were just too big to fit in the shop vac nozzle. (Eewwww!)