Friday, March 11, 2011

A Whopping Dose of Random...

I went to the chiropractor today as part of my Full Body Tune Up so that I can still be writing when I'm seventy. As we were chatting away, he asked me if I felt I'd 'made it', which had me stopping to think. With as much as I think about this stuff, you'd have assumed I'd have a firm marker in place for that, but I didn't. I started to say once a person hits the bestseller lists, but even that must seem tenuous, once you're there. But as we talked, I realized that I've started to feel like this whole wonderful gig isn't going to be snatched away come morning. Maybe that's as close to feeling one's made it as one gets in this business.


I also happened to notice my chiropractor's hands today. He's a big, burly guy--a record holding power lifter and it shows in his hands. They actually reminded me a lot of my husband's hands, who has worked as a heavy equipment mechanic for a number of years. I realized that made a strange sort of sense since a chiropractor is pretty much a mechanic of the human body.


An unanticipated consequence of having two new books out next month as well as two new paperback editions is that I have author's copies piling up here in my living room at an alarming rate. At last count I had a combined total of NINETY books! I feel a number of contests and giveaways coming soon....


I think I forgot to post my very cool news here! I mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook, but I don't think I talked about it here.

Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist: The Unicorn's Tale is on the Spring 2011 Indie Next List! Hurray, Indies! And thank you!

And Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus has been nominated for an Agatha. Yep, that's my name next to John Grisham and Kathy Reichs! Huge thanks to Malice Domestic for this honor.


Oddly enough, literally everyone I met and talked to yesterday was in a horrible mood. I'm wondering if it was the impending earthquake we were all sensing.

Also? In spite of the three of us here in the house having had horrible, rotten, foul mood days, within about 5 minutes of sitting down at the dinner table, we were laughing. There is no miracle like that of a wonderful family.


Mel said...

Hooray for the Indy list and the Agatha award!

Sydney said...

Congratulations on the award and the nomination. I suspect the question of whether you've "made it" isn't a very useful one. If you measure your success by whether your books make it to the bestseller list, that seems like a constant source of dissatisfaction and insecurity. If you manage to make a living doing what you love, consider yourself blessed.

As for the pending earthquake, I hope you're not referring to something in the immediate future. The quake in Japan (with its ongoing nuclear fallout) is very unsettling. Let's hope that our own disaster (which is already overdue from what I've heard) doesn't happen for a long long time.

Anonymous said...

I've been pondering your comments on "making it" for a while. It's an interesting thing to consider, but in the end I think it all comes down to a couple of things. One, I think that one can write as a hobby their whole life and never be published, and get an immense sense of joy, which to me means making it. Two, if one finds that they can actually make a living doing something they love, then yes, yes, yes, they have made it.

Robin did you use humanscale to outfit your office?

Robin L said...

Thanks for the congrats, guys!

Sydney, I completely agree with your assessment of 'making it'!

Anonymous, YES! This. Exactly. And no, I've never heard of humanscale until you mentioned it. There's a highly regarded ergonomics specialist in the area who I used. A real live person seemed better than the web for this particular task.