Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Well, Eldest Son is home, safe and sound, so my Christmas is complete. :-)

When I was young, my very favorite Christmas carol was The Little Drummer Boy. In fact, I'm pretty sure I drove everyone around me crazy with my constant refrain of pa rum pum pum pum. One of the things I loved most about the song was the story it told, that a small, poor boy still had gifts he could give that had value. That no matter how poor or young or powerless, we still have something to contribute. Our gifts don't need to be shiny or expensive or perfect.

In celebration of the holidays, I want to share this video of The Little Drummer Boy. This version speaks to me especially because of the wonderful contrast between the innocence of the song and the rough, dissipated voice of Shane Macgowan...

Whichever holiday you celebrate, I'm wishing you much peace, light, and joy!


andalucy said...

Thank you for sharing this video. It's a lovely version. I've always loved the Little Drummer Boy, too. It's a Spanish Christmas carol and we get to hear it quite a bit here.
Merry Christmas!

andalucy said...

Ok, I just looked for evidence of Spanish origin of this song and couldn't find it. Everyone here tells me it came from Spain, but I think they are mistaken.

Mary Hershey said...

Ohhh, I love this, too, Robin! Thanks for sharing it. I'm a HUGE fan of the pa-rum-pa-pum, too! Hope your holiday was most Divine!


Robin L said...

So interesting, Lucy, that it is so popular in Spain! Now I am hugely curious as to the carol's origins and foresee an hour or two lost in research. :-) Hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas!

Mary dear, that should not surprise either of us that we were both such huge fans of the same carol. :-)