Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Do A Book Launch and the Tooth Fairy Have In Common?

Um, I suck at both?

Seriously. Bad case of custodian fail here.

The third Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist book, THE WYVERNS’ TREASURE, came out early this month and I was so sidetracked by Other Exciting Developents that I completely forgot to even mention the poor thing! Poor little neglected book.

It reminds me of when my kids were little and I’d forget to put the money from the tooth fairy under their pillow. This happened FAR more often to my youngest son that it should have and I am well and truly the worst tooth fairy ever. I would sneak in in the morning, palming a dollar bill, then slip it under his pillow and claim he had just missed it, or it had fallen down behind the bed. This worked twice, I think, before he caught on. It is probably no accident that he is a touch cynical as an adult.)

Anywho, I am feeling that way about poor WYVERN’S TREASURE. So for those of you who were eagerly awaiting Book Three of Nathaniel Fludd, it is out now!

It’s a good think I only had two kids. Who knows what other horrid failures would have happened with a third!


Jennifer said...

You should have done what my mom did - she forgot pretty much every time. With all five kids. But, the NEXT night, little notes would show up, explaining how the tooth fairy had overslept, or gotten lost, or couldn't find her way through our messy room. I don't even remember what happened to the pennies (no I am not elderly, we were pretty strapped - five kids remember) but I still have some of those little notes!

Sherrie Petersen said...

I suck as tooth fairy too. But I'm glad to see the new book out. The kids and I will be eagerly devouring this one I'm sure :)

Robin L said...

Jennifer, I shudder to think what my tooth fair experience would have been like with five kids. Well, probably a lot like your mom's. But boy, what a brilliant recovery on her part! Very clever. Now we know where you're talent for making things up comes from. :-)

Sherrie, so glad to meet another mom who doesn't excel at playing tooth fairy! And hope you all enjoy the book!

Unknown said...

Haha... I have decided that my husband will have to be the tooth fairy if I ever should get married. I would never remember, as I have the brain of a watermelon. If a watermelon had a brain that is.

Anyway, that's very exciting about the book! If I wasn't jobless I would run around and find a way to buy it.

Robin L said...

Welcome, AchingHope! It's never too early to know what requirements one has in a husband. :-)

And I bet your local library might have a copy of WYVERNS'S TREASURE. Especially since it's a Junior Library Guild selection. Or they might order it at your request.

Good luck finding a job you love!