Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can We Pretend It's Still Monday?

I have spent the last three days laid low by an absolutely vicious stomach flu, then a migraine because I couldn’t eat for two whole days. It wasn’t a pleasantly indulgent kind of sick either—it was the kind where you lay there, staring at the back of your eyeballs, praying for deliverance.

But it is gone today—hurray!—and all the world is made fresh and new and hopeful again. That is the one lovely thing about suffering through illness—when it lifts, it really is like being born again. Plus? I am having my first cup of coffee in what seems like forever. I am sure that doesn’t hurt my perspective one little bit.

Being ill has put a serious dent in my writing progress, not to mention my ability to write pithy, brilliant blog posts, but I did want to share a couple of fun (if not downright silly) things.

First, a very fun little tool Deva Fagan posted about on Facebook that allows you to plug in a chunk of your text and see what famous writer your writing is similar too. I got three different answers, depending upon which book I used. Theodosia was H. P. Lovecraft (which was perfect!) Nathaniel Fludd was Nabakov (whom I have never read and so don’t quite get the comparison) and my YA was the author Chuck Palahniuk. Yeah, I had to look that up, too. He’s the author of Fight Club, which actually worked perfectly. I was actually pretty thrilled that all three had such distinctly different answers as they are three distinctly different voices. I accomplished that much, at least! Never mind. This is a scam. Sorry to have steered you in that direction!

The second thing is a clip of a hilarious owl that Casey Girard posted a link to over on Twitter. It is no secret that I am endlessly fascinated by animals and their odd behaviors, which are second only to humans and their odd behaviors. It was so bizarre that at first I suspected it was photoshopped (or the video equivalent of that). But the more I watched I decided it wasn’t then the behavior seems to be confirmed by a wikipedia entry (yes, I know it’s wikipedia, but still. It was good enough for me in this instance.)

A good writer mindful of structure would have a third thing to share with you, but I am going to let go of that pressure and just share these two for now. Enjoy!


Becky Levine said...

Glad you're feeling better. Don't push it too much the next day or two! :)

Deva Fagan said...

Ugh, sorry you were sick, but glad you are feeling better!

And thank you for the owl clip - never seen that particular type before. Wow!

Vonna said...

Loved the owl clip!

Robin L said...

Thanks Becky! I did get overenthusiastic the first day I was feeling well and quickly backslid. Definitely good advice!

So glad you guys enjoyed the owl clip. It definitely made it to the top of my list of strange and wonderful things real animals do.

Deva Fagan said...

So, I've discovered that apparently that "You write like" site is actually sort of a scammy vanity press. I'm just passing on the word in case other folks would like to know...

Here's some more info:

Too bad, the idea was kind of fun!