Monday, February 01, 2010

Upcoming Workshop

Wow, I have all sorts of things I wanted to talk about craft-wise, but I have to save every d@ng word for my writing. I've definitely reached the crunch zone. My brain keeps flashing big red signs at me screaming DEADLINE! DEADLINE! while loud buzzers go off. Not pretty.

Anyway, I did want to let any of you out there in Southern California know that I'll be teaching an all day workshop over in Bakersfield on Saturday, Feb. 20. The workshop is called, Architexture, and here's the blurb:

In this workshop, we will explore a wide variety of tools such as: using setting to echo the theme and conflict of your novel; using specific, selective detail to build a three dimensional world and evoke universal themes and archetypes, creating layers of subtext to add weight and texture; using deep character point of view to bring your world to life. There will be lots of hands on exercises.

Basically lots of the same stuff we talk about here, but BETTER. 'Cause it'll be in person. With exercises.

You can check out all the deets here.


Vonna said...

That would be an awesome workshop. I'd love to go, but I will be attending an also-awesome conference in Houston that day.

Katy Cooper said...

I'd love to go too, but it's too far away. Like a whole continent away...

dixie said...

I agree, talking about stuff is always better in person.

Robin L said...

Well, that Vonna, and you're HUNDREDS of miles away! Maybe I'll do one in the Texas area someday.

And you, Katy, are even farther away! Le sigh.