Friday, April 17, 2009

Having The Courage of Your Convictions

I know tons of people have already seen this, but it makes me tear up every single time I view it. If ever there was a vivid reminder to writers--to all artists--to step up to the plate, grab our dreams by the short hairs, and just do it fer gawd's sake, this is it.

You can clearly see the judges and the audience think she is slightly ridiculous, and she is awkward, but carries the absolute courage of her artistic convictions. And in the end, she receives a well deserved standing ovation. ::le sigh::

In other news, I am spending the weekend with brightly colored index cards in an effort to wrestle this latest mss into submission. I will report back next week. With pictures!

(For those of you who are seeing this twice, no you're not imagining things, I accidentally posted it over on Shrinking Violets this morning, the dangers of a split blog personality!)


Val said...

I love this woman!! What a role model she is.

Dave said...

I've watched this a couple of times this week and shown it to at least a dozen people. Brilliant! Love the smile on Cowell's face mid-way through the song.

Robin L said...

Isn't she, Val?? Love her.

Dave, the look on Cowell's face is priceless.

The whole thing is such a great reminder to aim for the rafters every time we pick up a pen.

Dave said...

There was an agent blog this week (can't remember which one) that talked about how the audience was on their feet by the end of the first line, and then it just kept getting better. She compared this to the way we should write - don't wait until the middle of the song to slam it, and don't wait until page 100 to start the story. Get 'em by the throat in the first sentence.

Robin L said...

Wow Dave, what a great parallel that agent drew! Now we just have to achieve that. Easy peasy, right? ::groan::