Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year - New Look!

Ta da! I bet you didn't recognize me, did you? I decided I needed to spruce the place up a bit, give it a look and feel that was more in line with my books. After searching high and lo, I found the perfect template. And it was easy-squeezy to do!

Of course, as per usual, one of my new year's resolutions is to blog more regularly over here. I'm hoping a pretty new face lift will help inspire me.

Also in this new year, I want to read a book a week. It feels like my recreational reading has gone the way of the dodo, so I want to commit to making room in my life for that again. A book a week; fifty books in 2009. I’m off to a good start. I just finished THE CHINA GARDEN by Liz Barry, which was very good. Four stars, I think. I also gobbled up THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS by Shannon Hale in one day. Loved it. The ending in particular really nailed the book for me.

I also managed to read an adult historical fantasy that I was hugely excited about. It was okay. It would have been great but it was waaay too long and overwritten. I get that they were going for an old, Jane Austen/Bronte sort of language style, but it made the book a slog.

Both boys are back to school now, and I've quit my part time job. I am planning a lovely two and a half months in my writing cave. It’s been a while since I’ve just been able to just focus on my writing and filling my well, so that has me very excited. I have one mss due to my editor in mid January, then it’s Revision City until March 1, but I’m hoping to outline and maybe rough in the next books in the series and get ahead in my writing schedule. If I do that, then I can get to some of my other, non-contracted projects even sooner! No that I don't adore my contracted projects. I do! It's just my muse had a bad case of ADD.


Robin L said...
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Sheri said...

Robin! I love the new page--very nice! I envy you the time in the writing cave... I would join you but unfortunately I still have a house full of kids! LOL! No caves for me any time soon... (sigh)

Robin L said...

I'm glad you like the new look, Sheri!

And frankly, you are a saint with that whole menagerie you take care of, so I'm betting the Universe is reserving a nice, luxurious cave for you somewhere in your future. And if not, they SHOULD be.