Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Dreaded Author Photo

When I was young (I mean really young, like 13 years old) I wanted to be a model (as did every other 13 year old girl who didn't want to be an actress or a clothes designer). That was well before I discovered how much I loathe being in front of a camera. Hate. It. Talk about stiff and mannequin-like! Oy. Good thing I switched to a much more practical vocation, like writing. ::snerk::

I have been long overdue for a new author photo as my last one is about three years old and I look stiffer than a corpse. However, since I think they're about as much fun as my annual mammogram, I tend to put it off and put it off until...my best friend grabs me by the ear and drags me to a photographer. Yes, everyone needs a best friend like that.

So, after 68 shots, I have two that don't make me cringe. This is actually an excellent ratio. Usually there are zero that don't make me cringe. Since I can't quite decide which one I should use, I thought I'd see what you guys think.

Me in a jungle gym:

Or me hiding behind a tree.


Angel Surdin said...

I think the jungle gym pic rocks!

Hi! I'm so excited to find a writer of young fiction. I'm currently taking a fiction workshop and have found -- for a traditional nonfictioner -- that a little fantasy helps me get into fiction mode. (The first story I handed in had a little sci-fi element to it...just a tad.) So wow, how serendipitous to come across your blog! (I was just "Next Blog"-ing as a matter of fact.)

I'm going to bookmark you; I'll come back and read more later:)

Good luck on choosing a picture; they're both great but I really am partial to the first one -- it feels more natural.

PJ Hoover said...

They both are awesome; you won't go wrong with either. But I'd go with the tree one.
And BTW, I love the tortoise picture on your website! We just bought a tortoise last week who should live to be 180!

Mary Hershey said...

I love them both!!!!!

Can I tell the godsisters to come look?

Jen Robinson said...

I hate having my picture taken, too. I think my ratio is about one out of 300, usually. But isn't it fun when you actually get one that that you like?

I think that they're both lovely, but I like the one with the tree a bit better.

Robin L said...

Welcome, angelfantabulous! My husband claims that the only reason I write fantasy fiction is so that I have an excuse to do tons of non-fiction research! And thanks for weighing in on the picture.

Hey, PJ! That is so cool you bought a tortoise! We bought one for my son when he was younger, but he ended up naturalizing. He's no doubt still wandering somewhere around the property, thinking his tortoisey thoughts. Strange to think he'll outlive us all!

Mary - of course you love them both, you're responsible for them! (Folks, Mary is the one who grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to the photographer. Like I said, everyone needs a best friend like her!) And sure, tell the godsisters to come on by.

And Jen! Thanks for stopping by and weighing in. It's nice to know I have a fellow photo-phobe out there. (Although if I remember correctly, the one on your blog is very nice.)

gleecady said...

I prefer the lovely smile in the jungle gym photo. I think it shows the wonderful "you" coming through. The other is nice, I just prefer your smile in the first one.

Erica said...

well i'm a little late to the party b/c i've been on vacation, but personally i like the second one best, although they are both lovely! you take good photos, despite your protests. but i sympathize, i HATE having my picture taken too >:( blech!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just found your blog through ShrinkingVioletPromotions and am always intrigued by the convention and esthetics of "the author photo." Take both of your photos and photoshop them as black-and-white, because that's how it'll be printed in many venues; and choose which looks better that way. Any venue that will print author photos in color will do a good job reproducing either one.

Authors, put your selected photo on Flickr.com-- they have a Poets & Writers group -- so your fans and the press can find your photo when needed.

Who's your photographer? Good job!!! A good author photographer is hard to find!!

Sheri said...

Talk about being late for the party! I think the caterers have packed up and the cleaning crew is turning out the lights...

I like the second photo also--the one with the tree. Beautiful smile. (I am the family photographer but my daughter takes MY photos. She always catches me looking all grumpy and ugly so I have to delete them... *grin*)