Thursday, June 01, 2006

About Me

R. L. La Fevers grew up in Los Angeles, California. Even though she lived in the city, she had an unusually wide variety of pets. In addition to dogs, cats, and rabbits, at one time or another her family also had a goat, chickens, chipmunks, a baby anteater, and, for a few short weeks, two baby bear cubs, who were VERY wild and untamed. This has given her a deep appreciation for wild things and their need to live in their own environment.

Never let your brother

sprinkle birdseed in your hair.

Can't this thing go any faster?

Can you believe they let us go out into public

dressed like that!? What were they thinking?

In addition to all these animals, R. L. La Fevers was also surrounded by a gaggle of brothers who taught her an awful lot about how to get into mischief of all kinds. When she wasn’t taking care of her pets or getting her brothers out of scrapes, she usually had her nose buried in a book.

Now she lives on a small ranch in Southern California with her husband, two teenaged sons (who are also very good at getting into mischief and scrapes of one sort or another), a dog who thinks he’s a person, and a cat who is really a tigress in disguise. Although she no longer has any exotic pets, she does have raccoons who visit her back porch, coyotes who howl near her window, and hawks that soar high overhead.

Ten Strange Things About Me

  1. The scariest thing I ever did was jump out of an airplane. Don’t ever try it. I took a daylong sky diving class and jumped out of a plane at the end of the day. The. Scariest. Thing. Ever. Give me an evil warlord or vicious goblin any day.

  2. I can’t watch scary movies. They frighten me too much and I have horrible, horrible nightmares.

  3. At one point in time I had seven brothers. I was the only girl. I learned a lot about how boys think and the kinds of trouble they can get into. Occasionally, I would get into trouble with them. It was always fun until we got caught.

  4. I hate shopping. I know, girls are supposed to like shopping, but I HATE it. I’d rather read a good book any day.

  5. I got kicked out of the Gifted program in fourth grade because I was too imaginative.

  6. I LOVE history. The olden days fascinate me and whenever I do historical research I feel like I’m searching for hidden secrets of the past: What did people think about back then? How did they feel? What were they frightened by?

Yes, I was trying to claw

my way back into the plane!

  1. I am easily bored and daydream a lot. This used

    to get me into trouble when I was younger, but now it’s my job to daydream and make up stories! How cool is that?

  2. One of the best things I ever did was scuba dive. Being able to be underwater and breathe is amazing. It’s like stepping into a fantasy world, but it’s here on earth.

  3. Sometimes I read three or four different books at once. That way I have a book for whatever mood I’m in.

  4. I’m one of those adults who still believe in magic. Maybe not BIG hocus-pocus type magic, but little magic that’s hidden in the world all around us. Things we can’t understand or explain. Have you ever felt someone looking at you, even when you couldn’t see them? Can you tell if someone’s been in your room while you were away? Have you ever walked into a room and known immediately that the people in there were angry at each other, even if they didn’t say a word? Do you sometimes know the phone is going to ring, just before it does? Isn’t that kind of like magic?